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We at diagnose and treat conditions like diabetes, thyroid diseases, infertility, rescued disorder growth issues, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, some cancers, and disorders in the hormone-producing adrenal glands and pituitary glands. Most patients begin their journey to the endocrinologist with a trip to their primary care provider or family doctor. We as super specialist will run a series of tests to see what could be the potential problem the patient is facing. If a problem with the hormones is suspected, the primary care doctor will provide a referral. The endocrinologist's goal is to restore hormonal balance in the body.

The Endocrinology glands in a person's body release hormones. Endocrinologists treat people who suffer from hormonal imbalances, typically from glands in the endocrine system or certain types of cancers. The overall goal of treatment is to restore the normal balance of hormones found in a patient's body.

Most of the work performed by an endocrinologist serves as the basis for ongoing research. Some endocrinologists work solely as research physicians. The goal of the research is to come up with new ways to better treat hormonal imbalances, including the development of new drugs.

With the increasing burden of Diabetes & it's various complications, Endocrinologist as super specialist for this disease play a vital role.

Diabetes - Diagnosis and Treatment

Diabetes and its complications by Dr. Samiran Das, Swagat Hospitals

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