Swagat hospital is the most trusted orthopedic hospital in Guwahati for diseases of bone and joints which affect millions of people around the world. Almost every minute, road traffic accidents lead to fractures and dislocations which threaten limb and life. Prompt and appropriate treatment of these injuries can help the affected individuals return to a normal life. Joint disorders causing pain and discomfort are common, especially in the elderly age group, causing significant loss of quality of life. Some of these conditions, including Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, infectious arthritis etc. are treatable, while others can be managed with appropriate pain relief and disease modifying agents.


Joint replacement procedures are needed when joint function is totally lost and the amount of pain and discomfort can't be compensated by medications alone. Hip, knee, ankle, shoulder and elbow are among the few joints that can be replaced with artificial prosthesis. These procedures are in use for several years now and provide excellent results including pain relief and restoration of joint and limb function.


As with other specialities, minimally invasive surgery has also found its way into orthopaedics. Arthroscopic techniques involve operating within joints using instruments and camera introduced through small incisions called ports, thereby enabling all the benefits of scarless surgery. Initially common for knee and shoulder, these techniques are now available for other joints such as hip, ankle and wrist also, and can be used to treat ligament and sports injuries, along with a variety of other joint disorders.

At Swagat Super Speciality, patients can get the benefits of all these techniques and procedures by specialists from within the region as well as outside the state.

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