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The days of long incisional surgeries leaving ugly scars and post-operative discomfort are long behind us. With the turn of the century, laparoscopic surgery (key-hole surgery) has established itself as the standard in most routine and major abdominal procedures. At Swagat Hospital, you will get world-class treatment by the best laparoscopic surgeons in Guwahati. Initially performed by introducing instruments and viewing camera through 3 or 4 holes made in the abdomen, nowadays patients have the option of getting their surgeries done through a single hole even (SILS - Single-incision laparoscopic surgery) thereby providing better cosmetic benefit and patient comfort. Swagat Endolaparoscopic Surgical Research Institute (SESRI), the parent branch of SSSSI, was a pioneer in introducing these radical techniques in Assam and the North East. Swagat Hospitals has the best laparoscopic surgeons in Guwahati and founder and present Chairman of Swagat Hospitals, Prof Subhash Khanna, who is also the Chief Medical Director of the Hospital, was among the first few to practice laparoscopic surgery not only in the state but also in the country. The technique has benefitted more than 20,000 patients who have undergone laparoscopic surgery at SESRI over the past 15 years. Continuing with the tradition laid down at its parent branch, Swagat Super Speciality Hospital hopes to provide scarless surgeries covering a wider array of procedures by one of the best laparoscopic surgeons in Guwahati. Also, a major goal of our centre is to extend such surgeries to patients with abdominal cancer, which, in normal circumstances would usually require extensive surgeries with large incisions. We plan to have the best laparoscopic surgeons in Guwahati from around the country to provide world-class healthcare services. Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery –

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  • Easy mobility
  • Fast recovery
  • Smaller incisions
  • Early discharge
  • Less pain: Less tissue trauma and less post-operative pain
  • Low risk of infection
  • Low risk of infection

At Swagat Hospitals, we have one of the best laparoscopic surgeons teams whose rich field experience helped us to treat patients quickly. Our laparoscopic surgeons are expert to handle all minor and major cases, and they pay utmost care and attention to the patients. With the help of our expert laparoscopic surgeons and their technical aids, we have been able to become one of the most trusted and best laparoscopic surgeons in Guwahati.

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