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The Department of Radiology of Swagat Hospitals is known best for its quality diagnostic services like Ultrasound, CT scan, X-Ray, and MRI in Guwahati. We have a team of expert radiologists and healthcare professionals who works together to provide explanatory diagnostic imaging reports and opinions like X-Ray, MRI, ultrasound, and CT scan in Guwahati. We deliver the best MRI, X-Ray, CT scan, and Ultrasound services in Guwahati which helps the doctors to make the best decision in managing your treatment efficiently.

At Swagat Hospitals, each department is facilitated with the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best diagnostic output such as MRI, X-Ray, CT scan, and ultrasound. We are super specialist of radiology providing the best image-guided, minimally invasive techniques for right diagnosis and delivery of precise treatment to the patients.

Radiology technique is used to treat different type of diseases which include almost any part of the body. At Swagat Hospitals, we use all advanced technology and with the help of which we have been able to deliver the best results with low risk.

Our advanced image-guided procedures such as MRI and CT scan help in diagnosing and treating early-stage diseases or conditions with minimal invasion without any surgery. Procedures under radiology at Swagat Hospitals are affordable that is associated with low risk and complications.

The radiology services like ultrasound, X-ray, MRI and CT scan procedure is used for various medical disciplines such as Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Gastrointestinal surgery, Gynecology, General surgery, etc.

Being one of the best hospitals in Guwahati, we have facilitated our Swagat Hospitals with the world-class MRI, X-Ray, ultrasound and CT scan services to provide impeccable quality services. Our expert radiologists, technologists, and staff are well experienced in performing and interpreting cancer-related radiology and imaging studies. The wards and surgical rooms are equipped with all latest technologies so that we can offer complete safety and comfort to all patients. All MRI tests, CT scan and other procedures are organized under expert supervision; therefore we ensure that results are precise.

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