Plastic Surgery


Swagat Hospitals offers the best solutions for plastic surgery in Guwahati with an outstanding successful surgical record. Backed by a team of highly skilled surgeons and advanced surgical facilities, we have been able to transform the physical appearance of many patients in Guwahati through plastic surgery successfully. We follow the latest and safest techniques of plastic surgery with minimum recovery time and discomfort under expert nursing care.

Our team of specialists possess years of experience and known best for their excellence in plastic surgery in Guwahati. At Swagat Hospitals, we provide the best care and solution to our patients with an excellent long-term result. We offer the best plastic surgery treatment for all types of skin conditions and diseases.

We have an advanced plastic surgery technology through which we are bringing a wealth of health and impeccable experience to the people of Guwahati as well. We offer the best plastic surgery, scar removal treatment and care for all types of dermatological diseases in Guwahati at a very reasonable price.

At Swagat Hospitals, we perform aesthetic plastic surgery such as liposuction, nasal surgery, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, and abdominoplasty.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the face, breast, and body can reverse aging changes and also reshape any part of the body. For us, shape and proportions are very important to the aesthetically pleasing look because it defines the beauty. Therefore, our plastic surgery experts put more importance on emphasizing in offering the best-customized plastic surgery plans in Guwahati to give natural pleasing results with utmost patient safety.

Why Plastic Surgery?

There can be various reasons to opt for plastic surgery; some people went through plastic surgery to correct a birth defect or for the recompense of skin and tissue damage left by diseases or injuries. And, in other cases, people choose plastic surgery to boost their self-confidence, self-esteem, and overall personality. Therefore, on the basis of patients requirement, we provide the best plastic surgery treatment in Guwahati at minimal cost.

Our plastic surgery surgeons are one of the best surgeons in Guwahati to provide treatments for congenital pediatric conditions such as clefts of lip or palate, urogenital deformities like Hypospadias and other congenital facial and body deformities.

At Swagat Hospitals, we use the latest technology and treatment methods with a common goal of delivering world-class treatment and quality care in Guwahati. Therefore, our staff is well-trained in helping patients and their families to handle the emotional trauma while assisting them to lead a normal life post-surgery.

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